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*fuming*calms down*

well so let me tell you about my ‘EX-lesbian’ friend Faith. Yes now Faith made a drastic decision to jump into 'The de-homosexualising pool of straightness' and de-homosexualised herself. She no longer wants to gawk at the perdy girls walking by cause she wants to ‘rid’ herself of homosexuality and start dating guys, she started growing her hair because like she said “straight ppl like my hair long, dykes like it short..so im growing it”.
Then there comes chantels sister who ‘was’ gay for five years and then said, “I don’t like girls anymore cause I realized its just not the way I should live”…ARGH!!!!. She also said “oh youre gay!? Well I used to like girls but not anymore”..blah1!! this is exactly why people think homosexuality can be cured..cause of stupid fucking WANNABE HOMOSEXUALS (or heterosexuals, depending on whose perspective).
And once your out of the closet how the fuck can u get back in it..how can u walk up to a group of people and say “I WOKE UP THIS MORNING STRAIGHT!! I SAW GOD FLYING ABOVE ME AND HE SAID..I SAVED U MY CHILD FROM LUSTING WOMEN GO LUST A MAN YOURE CURED’..blah! im so frustrated. Aren’t there any REAL lesbians in this school I could hang around with, ones that don’t scare the shizers out of me.
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De-homosexualizing is spelled with a Z...hello...geez
lmfao..sorry my bad.
I could relate to your frustration because I've met people like that as well.
yep, well, some ppl are like that and i totally agree with u. they do make us look bad. i think they're just those confused, lost souls...trying to find themselves. yeah, they're going about it the wrong way...i've had a g/f in the past that was like what u described and it confused the hell outta me.

until later,
*smileS* hey, my new lj is ms_lickmore if u wanna read tha..just comment on an entry and ill add u :)

glad u liked this journal so much..but i never update it anymore :)