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wow! [17 Apr 2003|07:31pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

The community .. died!

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aAaAarrrrrRrRrgh! *RawR* [12 Jan 2003|11:13am]

[ mood | confused ]

im so frustrated. see im in love with this girl yea..or atleast i was. i get to see her like twice a year max. and its really getting to me..we've been "together" for a year and a half.i love her to bits! but lately im feeling distant and i figured we need a break..and then all of a sudden she had to go to a friends (i didnt know she didnt tell me)and we didnt have any contact for like three days at a stretch, and i didnt even miss her. if it was like three months ago id be dwelling and pondering ..and then being a bitch to everyone cause i dunno wat happened to my girl. so now i feel like if i look back im gonna hate myself for not experimenting during highschool/college. but theni f i break it off wid her..im gonna hate myself for not KNOWING for sure dat shes not the one. cause she is the closest thing to perfection FOR ME..and i do wanna be with her ..but i regret not having met her LATER ON IN LIFE...u know wat i mean?
argh i just dont know wat to do.

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*fuming*calms down* [31 Oct 2002|10:01am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

well so let me tell you about my ‘EX-lesbian’ friend Faith. Yes now Faith made a drastic decision to jump into 'The de-homosexualising pool of straightness' and de-homosexualised herself. She no longer wants to gawk at the perdy girls walking by cause she wants to ‘rid’ herself of homosexuality and start dating guys, she started growing her hair because like she said “straight ppl like my hair long, dykes like it short..so im growing it”.
Then there comes chantels sister who ‘was’ gay for five years and then said, “I don’t like girls anymore cause I realized its just not the way I should live”…ARGH!!!!. She also said “oh youre gay!? Well I used to like girls but not anymore”..blah1!! this is exactly why people think homosexuality can be cured..cause of stupid fucking WANNABE HOMOSEXUALS (or heterosexuals, depending on whose perspective).
And once your out of the closet how the fuck can u get back in it..how can u walk up to a group of people and say “I WOKE UP THIS MORNING STRAIGHT!! I SAW GOD FLYING ABOVE ME AND HE SAID..I SAVED U MY CHILD FROM LUSTING WOMEN GO LUST A MAN YOURE CURED’..blah! im so frustrated. Aren’t there any REAL lesbians in this school I could hang around with, ones that don’t scare the shizers out of me.

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arite1! [08 Sep 2002|05:51pm]

im in boarding school somewhere in da middle of nowhere,maine.
not havin a good time which is why im online most of the time hmm
im 16.f.originally indian never lived in india tho.
umm dats it

this community is gonna rawk...*grin* whoever started it did a pretty good job ,love the bg! (are we gonna have an anti dick icon?like the one dat was on 'lesbian' at one time)
later girls
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Welcome to Penis_Haters [08 Sep 2002|04:16pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Welcome to Penis_Haters!

This is a community for women of all sexualities who find male genitalia...well...somewhat disgusting.
This community welcomes f2m, m2f individuals.

I'm hoping this community will not be 100% about penises (ew...), but also a place to talk about your girlfriend/boyfriend problems, sexual experiences, and common interests.
This community is not apart bashing males. This community is also in no way falling into the 'dick hating dyke' stereotype.
We do not like that particular part of the male. Don't make this community something it's not.

For more information go to the userinfo.

This community is friends only. To post in here you must make your posts friends only. The membership for this community IS open, though.

Enjoy the community!

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