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aAaAarrrrrRrRrgh! *RawR*

im so frustrated. see im in love with this girl yea..or atleast i was. i get to see her like twice a year max. and its really getting to me..we've been "together" for a year and a half.i love her to bits! but lately im feeling distant and i figured we need a break..and then all of a sudden she had to go to a friends (i didnt know she didnt tell me)and we didnt have any contact for like three days at a stretch, and i didnt even miss her. if it was like three months ago id be dwelling and pondering ..and then being a bitch to everyone cause i dunno wat happened to my girl. so now i feel like if i look back im gonna hate myself for not experimenting during highschool/college. but theni f i break it off wid her..im gonna hate myself for not KNOWING for sure dat shes not the one. cause she is the closest thing to perfection FOR ME..and i do wanna be with her ..but i regret not having met her LATER ON IN LIFE...u know wat i mean?
argh i just dont know wat to do.
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